Why is organic traffic so important for website SEO ?

When it comes to digital marketing, organic search methods powered by SEO can’t be beat when it comes to longevity and cost-effectiveness. SEO is not only less expensive than paid advertising, but its effects also last longer. While PPC campaigns must be renewed and bidding costs change, SEO tracking tools use organic data to construct keyword lists and continue to generate fresh content ideas as you delve deeper.

At first, SEO can appear to be a slow process. Nonetheless, after a few months, you should notice significant increases in your total traffic and rankings. Furthermore, the longer you stick with it, the more backlinks and site authority you’ll gain, which means you’ll be able to target even bigger and better keywords, and so on.

Starting at the other end of the spectrum—targeting long-tail keywords and more detailed variants—is a good method for SMBs to see results quickly and develop a platform for momentum, especially when it comes to content and specific sub-topics. Four or more terms appear in over a third of Google’s overall search inquiries. These keywords are not only less competitive and hence easier to find, but they are also less difficult to rank for.

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